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Bruna Pomella (B.A.Dip.Ed. University of Melbourne) has over 37 years of experience as a teacher of English language and literature. Scribo Proofreading & Editing was established in 1992 and clients include government departments, tertiary education sector, research and development institutes (e.g. Digital Ecosystems Business Intelligence Institute – Curtin University, Perth), private individuals and small businesses.


  • Proofreading

    Academic theses (PhD, Masters) from a range of disciplines, abstracts, dissertations, journal and research papers, faculty handbooks, staff policy handbooks, annual reports and reviews, book chapters, short stories, technical documentation, material translated from other languages, magazine articles, manuscripts, web content and – any writing that needs to be ‘just right’

  • Preparation

    CVs and letters of application, responses to selection criteria

  • Writing

    Advertising copy


    Clients are asked to email their file in MS Word (preferably). All proofreading and editing is done on screen and all changes are tracked. This enables the writer to ascertain whether the intended meaning was retained when the text was modified in any way, particularly if the original was ambiguous or unclear.

    Within the body of the text, suggestions and comments are made, often to explain why a change has been made if the reason is not readily obvious.

    Apart from ensuring that spelling, language, punctuation, syntax and grammar are correct, care is taken to eliminate redundant words or phrases and to maintain consistency (e.g. Web or web, Internet or internet?).

    Hard copies are also accepted if material cannot be forwarded via email. In this case, corrections are made on the page and then the document is returned to the client by mail. The invoice is forwarded online (or mailed if clients do not have access to the Internet) and clients may pay by cheque or direct deposit.


    We charge for our services by the hour and record the starting and finishing times for all work.

    Why by the hour rather than by page or word count?
    We believe that it is unfair for clients to be paying for pages that require little proofreading because they contain diagrams, photographs, graphs, algorithms etc. However, all labeling of diagrams, tables etc is checked thoroughly. Also, it is unfair to charge clients for all the little words that make up a document (i.e. and, if, but, the, etc).

    Because proficiency in English may vary a great deal from client to client, the time taken to proofread and correct documents may also vary significantly. Therefore, it is fairer to both parties that cost be determined on the basis of time taken to complete the work. If clients wish to obtain an approximate estimate of total cost, we will proofread the first 10 pages which will give us a good idea of the quality of the writing and the time that it will take to proofread the entire document.


    $40.00 per hour

    Rush Rates $75.00 per hour (rush rates for documents up to 20 pages with less than 48 hours turnaround).
    No documents accepted after 8.00pm Eastern Australian time.

    Payment can be made by Paypal or Direct Deposit.


    Communication is generally by email and clients are welcome to contact us, without incurring further cost, with any queries or for clarification regarding work that has been completed and returned to them.

    As they say: ‘no job is too big or too small’

    Email address:
    Postal Address: 80 Alfredton Drive
     Alfredton, Victoria
     Australia 3350
    Phone: 61-3-5331 3505